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Biel-tan Eldar Farseer (Advanced paint)


Imperial Knight Pilot

Here it is finished! The quick “head-swap conversion” I just couldn’t keep myself from doing… It’s a Knight Pilot, standing next to his Knight (or at least the part that fits on the display base) The Pilot is based on one of GW’s Imperial Advisors, with the head from one of the Celestial Hurricanum’s crew members (and a tiny bit of plasticard for the shield pinned to his chest) You can find some WIP pics of him here!

The Pilot and his Knight are both painted in House Hyperion colors, a Knight House with very little official background information. (at least from what I’ve been able to find)

I’ve based the paint job off of a picture found on an ‘eavy metal showcase page in the old Titan Legions: Codex Titanicus, and aside from that picture of a black knight with yellow and red details the only other thing I’ve managed to scrounge up is that they are a Mechanicum aligned house. I decided to add the cog-patterned trim on his coat and on the Knight’s heraldry to represent their ties to the Mechancum. That’s also why he’s wearing a lot of red. ;)

It was really fun to paint this one, in the middle of working on the pilot I got the idea for this display base… and started to cut in to the leg bits of one of my knight kits (the rest of the knight will most likely be used as part of a terrain piece in the future so it’s not toootally crazy, at least that’s what I keep telling myself) In the end The leg turned out alright too and it all came together nicely.

Not sure if I should have done more freehand work on the other panels of the leg (or more numbers on the base for that matter) but I didn’t want to go overboard…

Hope you like him and if you’ve got any questions or comments don’t hesitate to post them!

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Here’s an old pic of Brass Scorpion’s sweet nebulae Heldrake. #apocalypse #warhammer 40k #chaos via Instagram


Here’s an old pic of Brass Scorpion’s sweet nebulae Heldrake. #apocalypse #warhammer 40k #chaos via Instagram


Dark eldar


Beautiful DARK Eldar. Sideburner via reddit